The Job Search Blues (Or, Why I’d Rather Be Drinking Wine Right Now)

Job searching is the worst.  Whenever I start to think that I should go fill out some more apps, I start to hear voices in my head, like “Wouldn’t some nice wine taste good?” and “I wonder if there are any new episodes of your shows on Hulu-better check now!”, or “You should see if your boyfriend can come over, haven’t seen him in a few hours!”.  They are always infinitely more appealing.

As an English major (with no interest in teaching), I seem to have two opposing truths about my job search possibilities: both that everything is open to me, and that nothing fits my exact interests.  Because no one advertises specifically for English majors, my job searching entails finding jobs that I will be able to apply my skills to in a hands-on way.  It sounds so limitless and brimming over with potential, right? That is, until you look at the jobs that are actually out there.

First, there are the media jobs with confusing titles.  What exactly is a social media analyst?  I for one am not quite sure, though I just applied to be one.  Maybe if I get the job I can fake it.  Who knows? Other list-topping jobs include communications or advertising jobs for companies that put me to sleep just reading their names.  Unfortunately I guess those are the companies that are making money, unlike the imaginary companies filling my daydreams, who would love to hire me to read books all day and drink coffee.

After being turned down from my dream job (working for Disney), nothing else seems as alluring.  Regarding making pamphlets on water quality, my feelings resemble the “lets not and say we did” principle.

Not that I won’t be applying to any and all jobs that look like I am semi-qualified to do them.  I am nothing if not persistent, but it is hard to stomach the cold reality that I will probably not be in love with my first job.  But I guess getting experience is what counts?

Maybe I should start buying my wine by the box…


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