The Roach versus The Sorority Girls

Just about every room in our sorority house has had cockroach sightings.  So far, my roommate Katrina and I have been golden—not a single sighting all year.  Yet here I am, frozen in fear on my bed because there is a roach on the floor.

Katrina’s reasoning for why today is the first sighting we’ve had? Today is the first warm day in a while, and that’s why Roachy felt more active today (yes, I’ve named the loathed creature).

My reasoning? My boyfriend taunted it yesterday.

He dropped a piece of candy on the floor, and then picked it up and threw it in the trash, saying he wasn’t going to leave it for “the roach”.  I immediately pounced on his word choice.  “The” roach?  As in, he had seen a roach in here before?  He backpedaled in light of my approaching hysteria, and went with a strategy of deny, deny, deny.

But now, about 20 hours later, there is a roach trapped under a box Katrina and I use to make buckets of punch with.


Our first reaction when we spotted it peeking out from her desk was to jump up on our respective beds.  As Katrina is an environmental science major, I expected her to make it go away, but somehow I ended up standing on her desk chair with a tiny cup to trap it in.  I rethought the situation and opted for the bucket.  We secured it with one of my heavy Shakespeare books, and the skirmish is now at a standstill.

Life lesson?  Never taunt a roach! I’m just hoping Roachy doesn’t call for reinforcements.  Katrina’s scientific perspective is that it is doubtful he will be able to communicate with his friends while trapped on a box.

But she also looked it up and discovered that roaches are not solitary creatures.  Here’s to hoping I won’t have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night tonight!

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