Homeward Bound: Gaining Perspective on Leaving College

I thought the hardest part of leaving college was leaving my best friend, roommate, partner in crime, and sister.  On my drive home the morning after graduation, I was proven wrong.  I was halfway home and just starting to sniffle when I heard a loud noise and the car started shaking. 

I pulled over to the side (thankfully I managed to keep control of the car), and really started crying, because I had a flat tire and my spare was buried in my trunk stuffed to the brim with my junk and I didn’t remember how to change a tire anyways. 

What was the most ironic part, you ask?  My parents bought me a car for graduation.  Only since I literally just drove it around the block once for a total of about 3 minutes, I didn’t feel comfortable driving it home.  Instead, I opted for one last ride with good old Kelly (yeah, I like to name inanimate possessions).

It was all fine in the end, and my boyfriend (and significantly his dad, who knew how to change a tire) were half an hour behind me on their trip back.  They got me straightened out, and while setting my teddy bear on top of all my belongings on the side of the highway was a bit embarrassing, it was better than doing that in front of the AAA guys!

They got my tire changed and I then had to drive all the way back not exceeding 55 mph on a road where 75-80 is the standard pace.  By the time I got home at almost 6 pm (with no lunch), I was exhausted, starving, drained, and so happy to be there.

I had gone from dreading the return home to practically kissing the pavement of my driveway.  I guess everything happens for a reason?  Either that, or my old car is jealous of my new car.  Either way, I gained perspective, and it was a relief to be home sweet home. 

(We’ll see how I’m feeling after a few weeks of job searching, unemployment, and boredom!)

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