Adventures in Temp-Land

Wait, did I say adventures? Being honest, my day has been fairly lacking in events qualifying as “adventures”. However, it is a new beginning: the beginning of my career-limbo filler job working as a temp!

It all started when my boyfriend pestered me to apply to the temp agency he works for while in front of my dad, and then I had to do it!  But, I do need to be doing something other than laying around my house reading. It seemed like a better idea than working in some part-time job because at least it is office experience. Though I think its been more of a hassle than its worth so far.  I was thrilled to get my first assignment (and sort of get my parents off my back), until finding that my first day coincided with one of my best friends’ bridal salon appointment.  My “Say Yes to the Dress” dreams were crushed, and I had to settle for a slew of pic-messages from the Maid of Honor with 1-10 rankings for each dress.

Though maybe I spoke too soon about the adventures.  Because let me tell you, the stupid phone is driving me insane.  I may have been able to successfully earn a college degree from one of the most challenging universities in the country, but apparently I can’t figure out the damn process of transferring calls! Maybe my dad was wrong when he told me I’m too smart to be a temp!

I spent most of the morning sitting pretty, and between 10:50 and 12:00 when I left for lunch, there were no phone calls.  Fine by me! When I came back from lunch an hour later, of course, the nice woman who covered the desk while I was away had a good laugh over the fact that I managed to somehow put the phone lines on the “Do Not Disturb” setting-all the calls went straight through to voicemail!

Though that was probably better than when I finally did get back to answering calls.  I may or may not have hung up on the first few while trying to transfer them-whoops! They didn’t call back right away though, so who knows! I did manage to successfully let in the mailman-woohoo for me!

But aside from my grapplings with the phone, my day hasn’t been filled with adventure so much as tedium and confusion.  My tasks include the following: answering the phone, notifying someone when the mail comes, letting the UPS man in, and greeting people. But what am I supposed to do the other 6 hours of the day? One guy assured me that it gets busier later in the week.  But what am I to do in the meantime?

Is it okay to read? Check my email? What am I supposed to do while I’m not hanging up on people and frantically pressing buttons on the phone? (Though, from what the receptionist I’m subbing for told me before she left, 99% of the calls are salespeople, because otherwise they would have numbers for direct lines so I don’t feel as bad!).

Drafting this post, I feel nervous and guilty, like I should be doing something to earn my $12 per hour, not sitting here like a sloth! But apparently, this is what temporary receptionists do! But this is a good job, and I’m just being crabby because I missed seeing my friend try on wedding dresses and at home I can read my books in the open. I really am grateful.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to think this is a pretty boring job! In the meantime, I’ll just sit here and hope I don’t botch the next call and that the next few hours pass quickly!

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