Disaster of the Day (Monday’s Edition)

When it comes to book smarts, I think its safe to say (vanity aside) that I have a fairly high intelligence level, complete with evidential support.  But I guess God doesn’t give with both hands, because in terms of life skills and common sense I am pretty low on the totem pole. When I encounter daily commonalities such as traveling someplace new and dealing with technology, I often get a little confused. Blame it on my blonde hair, my easy life, or my addiction to reading books when I should have been looking out the window; whatever, I sure don’t know!

Whatever you blame my lack of common sense on, it is definitely lacking, and it definitely leads to an alarming number of unfortunate incidents/anecdotes that are hilarious to everyone else.  And to myself, at least in retrospect and once I’ve solved the problem.

So for your enjoyment, ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Disaster of the Day”, a new set of self-mocking posts about my inability to perform simple tasks while putting my Bachelor of English degree to use working as a temp. (You can’t hear it, but I let loose a dejected sigh after typing that sentence.).

With this week being my first time using a phone with multiple lines to transfer calls, one could expect that anyone would make a few mistakes.  Now, after struggling through a few phone calls during my first couple hours at work, I was doing alright, but then there was a long period with no calls.  Fine by me! Of course, after my lunch break, the woman who covered my desk informed me (kindly) that I had put the phone on “Do-Not-Disturb” mode, which sends all calls directly to voicemail.  Suddenly that quiet hour and a quarter made so much sense…

I took a couple more calls, and then silence.  And some more silence.  And some more.  I began to feel like I should be doing something.  I stared at the phone.  Had I put it on the DND setting again? I clicked through the options on the phone, and hit the DND button.  A message popped up, “DND On”.

Crap! I pushed it again, hoping to turn it off.  No message.  I repeated the two steps and got the same message then lack of a message.  Did that mean it was turned off?  Or was it still on?  What the heck?  I clicked through all the options on the phone, but found nothing to help me evaluate whether DND was successfully turned off.

I stared at the phone some more.  I picked up the receiver to make sure it had a dial tone.  But of course DND wouldn’t disturb outgoing calls.  I noticed there was a steady, glowing red light on the phone.  Had it been red like that all day?  Or did I screw something up?

After finding the exact phone model’s guidebook online, I was no closer to answering any of my questions.  All the instructions were in some technical jargon that I didn’t understand.  A few moments after closing the guidebook in defeat, the phone rang with perfect poetic timing.  Finally!  My worries were for nothing !  I would get to do my job instead of just sitting around!

The caller ID popped up, reading “Anonymous”, which I had been instructed not to answer.  So much for working hard!  I should be happy about this, right?  But apparently you should tell that to my work ethic, and resultant guilty conscience!


Stay tuned for today’s segment, which I will be posting later.  I have an incident from my first 5 minutes in the office picked out, but I’m hoping not to jinx myself and have something more unfortunate happen to overshadow it! Til next time…

2 thoughts on “Disaster of the Day (Monday’s Edition)

  1. I’m sorry to hear that! But thanks! Today is only my second day, so we’ll have to see what happens! As of now I’m not terrible impressed with the job, but hey, its something to do while I job search for something more permanent!

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