Disaster of the Day (File No. 2)

Alas!  I was too wiped out from a long day of monotony to write Tuesday’s Disaster of the day, but here it is! I’m sure you were on the edge of your seat waiting all night, and then mourning its absence, right? 😛 Yeah, I didn’t think so, but here it is anyways!

On Tuesday morning I went in for Day 2 of my temp job feeling much more confident-I knew how the phones worked, I had a new book, what could go wrong? I was highly overqualified for my list of morning tasks-turning on the lights, the tv displays (silenced of course, so that I sit here all day thinking that I’m breathing too loud), and making myself comfortable for the long day ahead.

I sat down at the desk and started to turn the computer on.  But maybe that’s the wrong phrase.  I looked at the computer for a second and realized it wasn’t a laptop, it was a desktop monitor.  I pushed my chair back and looked under the desk for the actual computer.

And what did I see? Nothing.  Not a single thing that looked like a computer.  Now, you can imagine how much this confused me. Sure, I’ve had a laptop for four years, but I used computers at school, right?  And more importantly, I was born in the age of computer-I knew what the darn things look like! So where was it?

I peeked around a bit more, and couldn’t find anything. Thankfully, it was only 8:25, so there wasn’t much traffic going through the lobby. I tried pressing the power button on the front of the monitor but nothing happened, unsurprisingly.  Somehow I didn’t think that all of a sudden the new rage in technology was immobile laptops.  No, the external hard drive was somewhere else…but where??

Its not like I could ask someone.  How embarrassing would that be?  “Sorry to bother you, but I’m too clueless to figure out how to turn on the computer at the front desk?” What was a girl to do?

For this girl, the answer was obvious-ask daddy.  I told him the computer was nowhere to be found, and he responded back that I should follow where the cords went.  I looked under the desk, and found that the cords went in the direction of the desk drawer.

I was confused-the only piece of tech on those shelves was a DVD player.  Then the realization hit me-the DVD player on the top shelf wasn’t a DVD player after all.  I guess the flash drive docks should have tipped me off, but who looks that closely at a DVD player when they’re looking for a computer?  And to be fair, its the smallest computer that I’ve ever seen.  I’m used to upright boxes that are over a foot tall and need their space, not a compact box the size and shape of a small, cheap DVD player.

On the bright side, if the most challenging part of my day was mistaking the computer’s hard drive for a DVD player, what on earth could I have cause to complain about? Just another day in the life of a temp!

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