The Naughty List

Dealing with phone lines all day for a company that I am only working for for a week can be confusing.  My job is pretty simple-answer the phone when it rings, and transfer the call to someone else.  I’m literally just a human reference guide.  My script for answering is “Thank you for calling (Company), how may I direct your call?” Its pretty straightforward.

Though knowing nothing about the structure or the company, when people call asking vague things like “Who’s in charge of X? I want to speak to them” I usually have to either randomly pick someone in that general department, or (if it sounds important enough) go ask my supervisor.

But I’ve got to say, sometimes the problem isn’t me, its them.  So here is my “Naughty List” for the week, my personal awards for the most misdirected and/or irritating callers I’ve had the (dis)pleasure to speak with this week. Enjoy!

3. “Hi, I was calling to ask about job opportunities.” With his thick Indian accent and his complete misdirection, this poor guy was actually entertaining instead of annoying. He sounded old, so maybe that’s why he thought it was a good idea to call corporate headquarters about wanting a job? I kindly directed him to the “Careers” section of the webpage.  Good luck guy who’s name I couldn’t understand, I hope your persistence wins out in your job search!

2. “I’d like to file a complaint about a furniture delivery.”  He even started telling me details.  Have you never heard of customer service? Sadly for him, he hung up while I put him on hold to greet businessmen who were in for a meeting, and I wasn’t able to direct him to the customer service number.  Hopefully he wised up and found it on his own!

1. Now this guy was a real scam artist. At first, his line was “I wanted to speak to someone about a charge on my credit card, is there someone I can speak to about fixing it?”.  Now, what would that say to you? It sounded like a real problem, so I went to my supervisor.  She gave me instructions for how he could get in contact with somehow who could actually address his problem.  But suddenly, he had a change in attitude.  “Oh no, no, no ma’am, you misunderstood me.  I’m looking to do business with your company, I sell ink.”  Woah woah woah, EXCUSE ME?! I misunderstood YOU?  I guess I am still naive about the business world, but who lies and pretends to have a problem? I think the misunderstanding was on his part-that liar misunderstood if he thought he was going to con me into putting him in contact with a live person. Somehow, I doubt he will be getting a call back from the random person’s voicemail I selected for his lousy message!

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