Vegas Do’s and Don’ts

You all know I love to give my opinions, so, without further ado, insert obligatory girls-weekend in Vegas post! BUT, everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? I won’t tell-all, but here are some tips if you’re headed to Sin City.


  • Bring your own booze for pre-gaming. While women can easily come by free drinks in some situations, dinner is not one of them, nor is the pool or the hour and a half it takes 4 women sharing one bathroom to get ready.
  • Research where you’d like to go beforehand. Read reviews. There are so many options it can be overwhelming.
  • Ask your concierge for outing suggestions. Even if you have a game plan, they have the scoop and will know something you don’t!
  • Take some time to get away from the strip. Red Rock Canyon State Park is about a half hour away, and
  • Eat brunch at Hash House A Go Go. I don’t even need words for this, see drool-worthy picture below.
  • Feel free to wander around with open containers. It’s legal! And weird.
  • Bring your own blow-up tube for the pool – many resorts have lazy rivers, but the catch is that they charge crazy expensive rates to rent a floatie.
  • Hydrate and wear sunscreen.


  • Pay money to get into a nightclub — if you are a lady, that is. If you walk down the strip sightseeing during the day, club promoters will approach you to ask if you want to go to X tonight, such-and-such is DJing, etc. Once you are on a VIP list, it’s free to get in!
  • Buy a giant slushie in a souvenir cup. And especially, get extra shots in it, just because it’s “only a dollar and it’s Vegas, woooo!”
  • Assume that the strip is easily walkable. It is a fun walk in the daytime if you’re well-fed and hydrated and not in a hurry, but since the hotels are so huge, everything is much farther away than it appears.
  • Be afraid to go with the flow! You know the saying, right? 😉
  • Try to exit a huge casino, drunk, in heels, without asking for directions. The third time you approach the same escalator to nowhere and it’s coming up on 4 am, you will be sad.
  • Fly hungover…enough said.










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